As of December 2013, LCMG has gotten by with 4 mini hard drives, 2 GoPros and 2 HD camcorders. Please email me if you need any of this equipment. The LCMG Kickstarter fund-raising campaign will allow for the purchase of more and better equipment for Co-Directors to share.

The most successful Co-Director endeavors thus far have been “Cargo Bike Interview Parties,” or Cargo Bike Roll Call events, wherein all local riders are invited and a shooter with HD equipment volunteers to document the proceedings (out of bike love or through clever bribery). All willing cargo bike folk are interviewed, and a group ride is captured on video as well. Great bang for your buck there!

Many Co-Directors have submitted superb footage shot on an iPhone. The image quality is great; the limitations have always been interview sound quality and a lack of stability when riding. These clever new iPhone accessories change that:

iRig Mic is a hand-held condenser microphone that allows you to shoot high-quality interviews with your iPhone for $59. K-Tek makes a mountable aluminum iPhone case that screws onto an extending “Tadpole” arm. LCMG will purchase a few of both of with our Kickstarter funding. This video illustrates how this system works:

We also had a GoPro mounted on the seatpost of a bike riding in front of me, facing back toward me.  The kids’ faces are shot with a GoPro camera mounted on the front head tube using a tripod mount with a mount designed for a bike light.

Check out the videos below to see what can be done and learn about the huge variety of mounts for the GoPros. Experiment! More GoPro videos HERE.

In shooting the LCMG trailer, we used a similar extension arm. A GoPro was attached to a 2' pole with a tripod mount on the end. My very coordinated friend Hans moved the camera all around us while riding one-handed next to us (that was some of the best footage). This allows you to get all sorts of great angles and movement.

For more tips on shooting read SHOOTING TIPS and FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS