Stacy Bisker & Brent Patterson went from driving two cars to riding three cargo bikes--saving money, slowing down and loving life as it changed. Though they originally traded in the car mainly for financial reasons, Stacy quickly became an outspoken local bike advocate and strong online presence in the cargo bike community (her blog is here). Being a media arts professor, Brent has been able to shoot and submit fantastic riding footage and interviews with not only family members but also cargo cyclists they’ve met along the way. Their story has been featured many times in the news, as in here and here.

Nathan Vierling-Claassen basically invented the LCMG cargo bike “interview party,” a concept that led to some of best content submitted yet. He and his partner  Angela blog about their car-free life with kids here. They enthusiastically answer anybody’s cargo bike questions and are responsible for innumerable cargo bike conversions! They teamed up with StreetsBlog creator Aaron Naparstek in hosting their Roll Call event.

Sara Armstrong, one of the pioneers of the online cargo bike community, was a huge inspiration to me when I discovered her blog about life with twins, a singleton and a bakfiets. She is a very creative cargo bike evangelist who works in education in New Haven, CT. She and her husband, Peter Crumlish, met as Peace Corps volunteers in SE Asia in the 1990's and look forward to re-joining the P.C. once their boys pedal off on their own. Her cargo bike love t-shirts can be found here.

Ross Evans invented the Xtracycle Free Radical longtail conversion kit in 1995 as part of a Bikes Not Bombs project in Nicaragua. As the original American cargo bike, Xtracycle initiated the current movement a decade ahead of its time. Because Ross was smart enough to document his work, and generous enough to share, this amazing story will be told in LCMG and can be previewed here. Ross’s wife, Shannon Whitnack, a a great supporter of LCMG, helped out by digitizing and logging dozens of old DV tapes.

Kipchoge Spencer, a cargo bike pioneer and co-founder of Xtracycle, was a key part of the passionate community that evolved around Xtracycle. He shot and submitted loads of amazing archival footage. Kipchoge continues this evangelism with his band, the Ginger Ninjas, who tour the world on cargo bikes. Their story is told in this documentary, Stuck on Earth.

In researching the history of the longtail cargo bike, I came upon the story of Ian Grayson and Bruce Steer. In Adelaide, Australia, in the late 70’s, these two designed, rode and sold about 20 longtails, forever known as the Adelaide longbikes. Drawings of these designs were circulated in Appropriate Technology circles and eventually influenced Ross Evans’ concept for the Free Radical. Lucky for LCMG, Sam Powrie, Marty McNicol, and Jeremy Miller shot in-depth interviews and beautiful steady-cam footage of these true pioneers. Sam has been meticulously archiving this history here.

Erik Brohaugh is a Minnesotan living in West Africa with his family for the last 8 years, working with trees and erosion control. He’s documented this work extensively, including the construction of a variety cargo bikes he and others use on the farm compound where they live. From moving a massive block press, to carrying 200 kg of fertilizer, to transportation around the village and getting goods to town, the bikes (made from odds and ends and old bikes) make everything easier. He’s submitted interviews in English AND the local language.

Hans Kellner is passionate about bike racing and shooting video of bike racing. He was therefore the perfect guy to help capture the footage I needed to create the trailer for LESS CAR MORE GO. He taught me all sorts of clever GoPro tricks. Thanks Hans!

Philip Ross is owner of the fine cargo bike business named Metrofiets, and the host of the first Portland Cargo Bike Roll Call. Way back before I’d even cut the trailer, when this project was merely an idea, Philip corralled his cinematographer friend Corky Miller into documenting this event. Without the great interviews these guys submitted, there would be no LCMG trailer, and perhaps no LCMG! I’ll be forever grateful. Not only that, Philip graciously hosted me on my epic 2012 visit to Portland and lent me a beautiful bakfiets to get around on.

Dan Kaufman’s passion is documenting the local bike scene in Portland and “engaging the bike curious” with his site, Crank My Chain. He has been super generous in submitting substantial footage of the Fiets of Parenthood and the Oregon Manifest.

Travis Wittwer, according to BikePortland, is “the man fomenting Portland’s cargo bike culture.” It started when he was taking time off from teaching as a stay-at-home dad and decided to cart his boys around in a bakfiets. Years later the family rides a Bullitt and a Yuba Mundo, and Travis is pushing cargo bikes into the mainstream with the Disaster Relief Trials and his site Transportland.

Pete Prebus writes about the e-bike revolution at the Electric Bike Report. He also attends Interbike and reports annually on electric/cargo happenings. He’s contributed to LCMG great interviews with reps from Xtracycle, Yuba, NTS Works, Juiced Riders and more.

Justin Ancheta is an internationally acclaimed touring musician, activist, teacher and artist. He is a huge presence every year at the San Francisco Bicycle Music Festival, frequently performs via a bike-powered system, and has toured Europe and the United States by bike and train! Best of all for LCMG, Justin has submitted video of all of it. His eclectic style of reggae flavored funk and jazz is infectious and his lyrics share the power of community.

Haley Trikes are built by Stephen Horcha. He designed his first tricycle to carry a drum set through jammed downtown traffic and right into the venue. Other Haleys are used for street cleaning, handicapped dog

transport, and vending--books to clothing to cupcakes. Stephen has submitted clips of his trikes carrying people, couches (with people), bathtubs and more!

Reuben Vanderkwaak is also known as Dad of the The Pedal Powered Family. In 2011, with his wife Heidi and two young children, he rode 13,500km around North and Central America! They spent one night at our house and the next day we rode with them half way to the Golden Gate Bridge. He shot awesome GoPro footage of the trip which will be featured in LCMG. The PPF now lives a car-free life in Hamilton, Ontario.

Ethan Jewett is a Portland Bullitt-riding dad and a founder of the original Disaster Relief Trials. As an active member of his Neighborhood Emergency Team, it occurred to him that cargo bikes could be a great addition to the Bureau of Emergency Management's  disaster response. Two years later there are Disaster Relief Trials happening in multiple cities and several government agencies looking at adopting cargo bikes in their emergency response plans. Ethan facilitated the submission of awesome DRT footage shot by famed cycling photographer Russ Roca, graciously hosted me during my Portland visit AND piloted the Bullitt from which I shot this great footage of Emily Finch!

Jan VanderTuin is a bicycle designer and community organizer who established the Center for Appropriate Transport in 1991 in Eugene, Oregon. CAT specializes in building load-carrying workbikes, or Human Powered Machines, and teaching others to build them through their Cargo Framebuilding Apprenticeship program. I felt privileged to meet and interview Jan. He shared drawings and photos from his archive, many of which will help LCMG tell the history of cargo bikes in the US. Jan is also responsible for bringing community-supported agriculture (CSA) into the mainstream!

Elle Bustamante traded her Prius for a Yuba Mundo. Since March 1, 2012,  she and her boys have ridden over 6,000 miles, saved roughly $3600, and avoided emitting approximately 2910 lbs of carbon. She helps organize Sacramento's monthly Kidical Mass rides, teaches cycling skills through the American League of Bicyclists, and Safe Routes To School, and also lends a hand at the LBS, Practical Cycle. Elle blogs about all of it here.

Naron McCormick is a welder, fabricator, and designer of human powered vehicles who lives in Missoula, Montana. He works at the Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation’s Pedal Technology Warehouse and never stops building things. Naron submitted video you can see here featuring his own design for a front-loading longjohn.

Dave & Katie Proctor --core members of the PDX Cargo Bike Gang --began organizing monthly Kidical Mass rides in October 2010 and have blogged about their car-free life here. David LCMG submission consisted of oodles of GoPro footage of the Disaster Relief Trials and a Kidical Mass Family bike camping trip.

Kate Carroll Burns transports her four boys via Yuba Mundo and blogs about it here. She and I happened to be in the Portland area at the same time in 2012--without kids! I will always be grateful to her for lugging my camera equipment and me to Eugene and back in her van. It was so much fun and made possible many super interviews with members of the hardcore Eugene cargo bike community.

Shane MacRhodes began his storied involvement in the history of cargo bikes in the US 17 years ago at Jan VanderTuin’s Center for Appropriate Transport, running their Pedal Express delivery service. He competed in the Cycle Messenger World Championship’s first Cargo Race in San Francisco and then co-owned the Berkeley Pedal Express with Mike Cobb (co-founder of the Disaster Relief Trials). Their business ran out of a space shared with Xtracycle’s World Bike, Paul Freedman (Rock the Bike), Nate Byerly (inventor of the Bike Blender), and the East Bay Bicycle Coalition. Shane settled in Eugene where he and his wife started Kidical Mass and he now runs the Safe Routes to School program.

Megan Gray is a painter, photographer and mother of three living car-free on the New Jersey coast. She blogs here and has submitted some great infant-car-seat-in-bakfiets clips!

Joe Biel is a writer/designer/filmmaker/teacher/activist and founder of Microcosm Publishing, Cantankerous Titles, and co-founder of the Portland Zine Symposium. His LCMG submissions included interviews with Tom LaBonty of Tom’s Cargo Bikes (custom, recycled) and footage of the inaugural Disaster Relief Trials.

Emily Finch grew up in a conservative Catholic family and later found herself transporting her 6 kids in a 9-seat Suburban. Upon being reunited with her estranged lefty dad who taught her all about Peak Oil and the horrors of suburbia, she traded in the beast for a bakfiets! The folks in her small east coast town thought she’d lost it, but since moving to PDX she’s become an international cargo bike celebrity poster mom, appearing all over the internet, on the Ricki Lake Show and multiple news channels. Todd Fahrner, friend and owner of Clever Cycles--the Portland bike shop that some say “started it all”--sold Emily her bakfietshas in 2009. Todd has submitted great footage of Emily carrying loads from Ikea and Costco (among other things).

Dorie Appollonio and her family visited Copenhagen in 2011 and discovered the joy of biking. She blogs about their cargo bike adventures at Hum Of the City. She has submitted interviews with her children and great footage of test rides and a Seattle Cargo Bike Roll Call event full of families on bikes!

Lindsay Smith-Aaronson started her blog “You Ain’t Got Jack” as part of a 12 month commitment to get healthier for her son Jack while lessening her use of fossil fuels by replacing her car with a Yuba Mundo. She submitted many kids of joyful excursions with her then 2 year-old.

Anne & Tim King are pioneers of the US cargo bike movement. They bought two Xtracycles in 2006 and gradually decreased their car ownership from four to zero (now back to one, sort of). They were commuting and transporting kids via cargo bike when no one else was doing it and they blogged about their Car Free Days experience here. They submitted a classic clip of their daughter immersed in a book while riding a Free Radical side saddle.

David Frearson loves and sells Bullitt cargo bikes at Convoy Bikes. He submitted to LCMG exciting GoPro footage of several gorgeous rides.

Hi-May Rivera is a visual artist and video maker who uses recycled materials. He rides his Xtracycle on dumpster-diving trips and visits to the laundromat--son and kiddie bike in tow--as in the adorable clips he submitted for LCMG.

Matthew Rottman is a San Antonio school teacher who blogs about life on a Yuba Mundo at “Bicycling for the Heck of it.” Neat-o close-ups of his bike in motion are amongst Matthew’s video submissions.

Mark Stosberg lives in Richmond, Indiana and blogs about his experiences riding an electric Yuba Mundo, a bakfiets and a Surly Big Dummy at “Bikes As Transportation.” He sent me amazing footage of an icy, snowy ride with a passenger bundled in a covered bakfiets.

After a hugely successful career directing music videos, Mark Kohr is following his bliss producing videos for Xtracycle, among others. Lucky for LCMG, he was at Interbike 2013 and captured some key footage, including an interview with bike industry analyst Jay Townley.

I need more information on the Co-Directors listed below. Please email me details and pictures so that I can complete your bio!

Kori Eugene Kohn

Paul Mitchell

Nina Levy

Hoku and Lucia Vega Rocketship

Scott Graves

Patrick McMahon

James Syzupha

John Emery

Each of the passionate cargo bike lovers listed here has submitted video that captures some aspect of the cargo bike movement: bike design/history, use in family/business transport, disaster response, poverty relief, industry trends, community support, personal freedom, etc.. I’ve provided some short biographies and photos below; use the links to find out more. Please email me about any mistakes/omissions!

Many thanks to the amazing LESS CAR MORE GO Co-Directors!

Elle Bustamante

Naron McCormick

Dave & Katie Proctor

Kate Carroll Burns

Shane MacRhodes

Joe Biel

Megan Gray

Dorie Appollonio

Anne & Tim King

Hi-May Rivera

Matthew Rottman

Mark Stosberg

Philip Ross

Corky Miller

Justin Ancheta

Dan Kaufman

Travis Wittwer

Pete Prebus

Haley Trike

Reuben Vanderkwaak

Ethan Jewett

Russ Roca

Jan VanderTuin

Emily Finch

David Frearson

Jos Sluijsmans

Theun Supheert

Keri Caffrey

Andrew Huang

Derek Pearson

Hau Hagedorn

Stacy Bisker

Brent Patterson

Nathan Vierling-Claassen

Sara Armstrong

Ross Evans

Shannon Whitnack

Kipchoge Spencer

Sam Powrie

Marty McNicol

Jeremy Miller

Erik Brohaugh

Hans Kellner

Lindsay Smith-Aaronson

Mark Kohr

Kori Eugene Kohn

Paul Mitchell

Nina Levy

Hoku & Lucia Vega Rocketship

Scott Graves

Patrick McMahon

James Syzupha

John Emery

Cigdem Slankard

Ton Haex

Todd Fahrner

Mark Brenner


Ludwig A Henderson

Ted White

Charles Smith

Gary Armstrong

Mikael Colville-Andersen

Mark Wagenbuur

Jakob Munk

DRT GoPro Riders

Jelani Bertoni

Josh Litwack

Adam Smith

Prelinger Archive

Sarah Bolitzer

Kate Bennis

Jonathan Maus/BikePortland

Sarah Gilbert

Sam Haraldson

Hugger Industries

Silicon Valley Bike Coalition

Jayson Lorenzen

Joel Gwadz

Scott Garman

Anthony & Nickie Stout


Michael Bock

Nicanor Silva

Kimberly Hubble

Jonathan FulfordDaniel Arbuckle

Amanda Fin

Sarah Friedman

Kristi Marleau

Tom NewDragon

Paul Adkins

Morgan Moser