LESS CAR MORE GO 2013 Update With clips from dozens of Co-Directors and a bit of Longtail history, the 2013 update offers a glimpse at The Birth of an American Cargo Bike and the future of LCMG.

Select the 720p or 1080p setting if possible (visible in lower right corner once play begins).

Many thanks to interviewees and Co-Directors (so far!):

Haley Trike, Reuben Vanderkwaak, Ethan Jewett, Nathan Vierling-Claassen, Sam Powrie, Ian Grayson, Jan VanderTuin, Erik Brohaugh, Matthew Rottman, Elle Bustamante, Stacy Bisker, Brent Patterson, Lindsay Smith-Aaronson, Hans Kellner, Corky Miller, Philip Ross, Shannon Whitnack, Joe Biel, Travis Wittwer, Sara Armstrong, Anne & Tim King/Car Free Days, Metrofiets, Ross Evans, Kipchoge Spencer, Russ Roca, Mark Stosberg, Nina Levy, Jeremy Miller, Dan Kaufman, Emily Finch, Dave Proctor, Todd Fahrner, Dorie Appollonio, Aaron Naparstek, Hoku and Lucia Vega Rocketship, Kate Carroll Burns, Megan Gray, Naron McCormick, Scott Graves, Shane MacRhodes, Patrick McMahon, James Syzupha, Pete Prebus, Mark Stosberg ...