A LCMG Special Agent is a Co-Director who facilitates the participation of other Co-Directors. This can and has been done several ways. Some of the most successful endeavors have been “Cargo Bike Interview Parties,” or Cargo Bike Roll Call events, wherein all local riders are invited and a shooter with his/her own HD equipment and know-how volunteers to document the proceedings (compelled by either his/her bike love, a barter arrangement or your clever bribery). All willing cargo bike folk are interviewed and a group ride is captured on video as well. Great bang for your buck there!

The Facebook group is a great way to connect with other Co-Directors, learn about how to put on a Roll Call, and maybe even find a shooter with HD equipment. The Eugene Roll Call, put on by Shane MacRhodes and others, was quite amazing (Yes, I was there, but did not get to interview all 100 cargo cyclists!):


Co-Director Stacy Bisker is lucky enough to be married to Brent Patterson, a media professsor AND cargo bike enthusiast. For over a year, whenever they traveled, they found and interviewed the local cargo bike riders/sellers/lovers. They have sent me some great stuff!

Another way to help is by facilitating the sharing of equipment. For example, Sara Armstrong not only hosted a Roll Call, but she is currently passing a LCMG GoPro around her cargo bike community so each family can capture some riding footage. In Portland Dan Kaufman, Travis Wittwer, Dave Proctor, Ethan Jewett and Joe Biel all shared a hard drive that they loaded up with media and shipped back to me.

The LCMG KIckstarter will allow me to buy more/ better equipment to share, giving Special Agents an opportunity to  put those tools in the hands of more Co-Directors. I will also have the budget to travel and visit cities where Special Agents have organized Cargo Bike Roll Calls and other community events worth documenting! Here in Fairfax we put on an annual Cargo Bike Jubilee that is part of Biketoberfest, a fundraiser for the Marin Count Bicycle Coalition. See the poster below.

If you have your own Special Agent/Co-Director ideas, please email me!